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ArchiCAD Tip: Ceiling Editor (from manuBIM)

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To help improve your modelling capabilities within ArchiCAD, we recommend investigating the Ceiling Editor v2.01 object from
The object was developed for Graphisoft's "Wish upon an object from" campaign.

Ceiling Editor is not an 'Add-on' but quite a complex and clever object, specifically dealing with ceiling tiles and ceiling accessories.

The object & library is combined into one freely downloadable LCF library file, from
A comprehensive video tutorial is available on YouTube here which explains all of the useful concepts within the object.

Due to the fact that the Ceiling Editor is 'just' an object (a powerful one, at that), it is restricted slightly in certain aspects, such as separation and scheduling of items (each ceiling panel area is technically one item, not a group of tiles and/or objects)

We have contacted the developers and suggested adding some scheduling functionality as a possible feature in future releases, but given that Ceiling Editor is a free-to-download object, we definitely think it is a worthwhile object to have in your own ArchiCAD Library.

it was developed for Graphisoft's "Wish upon an object from" campaign The LCF file once downloaded, should be placed in a folder that is then loaded into your ArchiCAD project(s).
We would suggest adding this to your ArchiCAD Common Library (for more info on this concept, please see our previous tip).

As seen in the YouTube video, to enhance functionality further, manuBIM suggest downloading and installing the 'Interior Wizard' Add-on from Graphisoft, found here (for ArchiCAD 16), but note you should re-apply the latest hotfix for ArchiCAD, after installing the Interior Wizard add-on.

In our experience of GDL objects for ArchiCAD, this is one of the most advanced objects we have seen, and manuBIM should be congratulated on delivering this object free-of-charge to the ArchiCAD Userbase.

More objects and information regarding manuBIM, and their products, can be found at their own website,

Last Updated: 26 March 2013