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Over 450,000 practices are using ArchiCAD for all their CAD requirements. With ArchiCAD, you can explore your design ideas with full confidence that every detail is being captured and all documents are synchronised.

ArchiCAD 17 contains significant enhancements and additions that simplify the modeling and documentation of buildings, even when the model contains an unprecedented level of detail.
ArchiCAD's end-to-end BIM workflow allows the model to stay live till the very end of the project.

When will ArchiCAD 17 ship?
ArchiCAD 17 will be officially released by Graphisoft on June 1, 2013.
Shipment to ArchiCAD customers will begin within a few weeks after the official release.
All 26 localised versions are planned to reach the market by the end of Q3 2013.

What new features have been incorporated in ArchiCAD 17?
A description of some of the major new features in ArchiCAD 17 are listed, with the full listings available on Graphisoft's ArchiCAD 17 webpage.

Priority Based Connections
ArchiCAD 17's brand new Priority Based Connections put a real ROI on the work invested in the creation of the Building Information Model, by automatically providing construction documentation level sections and details.
ArchiCAD users can develop structurally correct details and simplify the modeling and documentation of buildings, even when the design contains an unprecedented level of detail.

Intelligent Building Materials
The appropriate and consistent use of building materials is crucial not only when developing the final construction documentation sets, but also when creating building energy analysis reports.
New, intelligent building materials ensure correct graphical representation of materials in sections (cut fills), element surfaces in 3D views, and thermal properties throughout the building energy evaluations.

Real-time 3D Cutting Planes
Architects can define 3D cutaway sections of the model graphically in the 3D window, using one or more cutting planes in any location.

BIMx in every ArchiCAD 17 Installation
GRAPHISOFT BIMx is an innovative, interactive, BIM communication tool for architects. BIMx has set new standards for design communication and presentation in the AEC industry, turning desktop and laptop computers, iOS and Android tablets and smart phones into full-fledged building model explorers.

Extended IFC Model View Definitions - OPEN BIM to Support National Standards
ArchiCAD 17 supports Coordination View 2.0 and expands capabilities for defining new IFC data such as Concept Design BIM 2010 (required by GSA (US), Statsbygg (Norway), Senate Properties (Finland), FM Handover (required by COBie), and others. This includes currency unit export, calendar date type IFC properties and IfcSystems Assignment Support for system type elements such as MEP systems.

BIMobject® Partnership - Open Interface to External BIM Component Providers
Direct access to an extensive collection of Manufacturer Content on offers users a comprehensive range of intelligent BIM components available both in ArchiCAD 17 and on

Industry-first Background Processing - Large/Complex Models to Stay Responsive
To further enhance productivity, ArchiCAD 17 takes the next revolutionary step in multi-core processing to support the creation and manipulation of large complex models with industry-first Background Processing Support for faster generation of complex model details.

View ArchiCAD 17 Brochure (PDF)

Last Updated: 15 May 2013