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ArchiCAD SOLO - F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following questions are frequently asked by our ArchiCAD Userbase.

Which type of ArchiCAD dongle do I have?

ArchiCAD requires a hardware protection key to run in unlimited "full" or "commercial" mode.
There are two types of protection key, 'WibuKey' and 'Codemeter'.

WibuKey is a green plastic USB key.
WibuKey was introduced with ArchiCAD 7.0.
WibuKey licenses are backward compatible, meaning that with an ArchiCAD 13 license can run any ArchiCAD version from ArchiCAD 6.0r5 to ArchiCAD 13.
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Codemeter is a chrome-finish USB key.
Codemeter was introduced with ArchiCAD 13, and is now the standard dongle type for all future ArchiCAD licenses.
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How do I ugrade my ArchiCAD dongle?

Your ArchiCAD Dongle can be re-programmed via the Graphisoft remote key upgrade site
This allows your ArchiCAD SOLO license to be transferred to the dongle.
When the website is shown, your ArchiCAD dongle number will be shown on screen, click on the "Load/Upgrade Selected Keyplug", and follow the simple steps through the process.

If you are asked for a 10-digit code during the upgrade process:
- copy the dongle number from the webpage
- contact us via the form here
- complete your details outlining the issue (include the dongle number)
and we will resolve the issue ASAP

What is the difference between ArchiCAD and ArchiCAD SOLO?

ArchiCAD SOLO is a low-cost version of ArchiCAD.
Some functionality has been removed, including:

What are the important common functions between ArchiCAD and ArchiCAD SOLO?

Of course, if you wish to take advantage of the entire range of ArchiCAD features and benefits, you can upgrade at any time to the current, full version of ArchiCAD and continue editing your previous projects with it.