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ArchiCAD - Trial Versions

The website has been developed by Graphisoft to allow numerous applications to accessed for trial purposes..

If you are interested in ArchiCAD, and would like to evaluate the product before purchasing, you can download a fully functional 30-TRIAL license in four simple steps:

  1. Register on
  2. Activate you personal account (Professional User / Student & Teacher)
  3. Log-in to your personal page
  4. Download and install the Trial Software of your choice:
    • ArchiCAD 16
    • MEP Modeler - ArchiCAD Add-on for MEP systems
    • BIMx - An innovative, interactive, 3D presentation tool
    • Cadimage tools* - The Most Productive ArchiCAD Add-ons
    • Cigraph plug-ins* - Add-ons to increase productivity
    • OBJECTiVE* - Add-on for custom object creation
    • Artlantis - A Standalone Rendering Application
    • Interactive Training Guides - Materials for learning BIM

Note: Please note that projects created in the TRIAL version of ArchiCAD have a special "coded" file format that can only be opened with the particular installation of ArchiCAD they were created with. By purchasing a commercial license of ArchiCAD, you can convert ("decode") your TRIAL files simply by resaving them. In order to be able to convert you trial project you MUST NOT uninstall your TRIAL version of ArchiCAD!.

There is no facility to download a TRIAL version of ArchiCAD 16 Solo, provides the full version of ArchiCAD 16.

Last Updated: 28 August 2012