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ArchiCAD Tip - Eyedropper Tool

When using ArchiCAD, the 'Eyedropper' tool is usually associated with transferring parameter settings between elements (in conjunction with the 'Syringe' tool).
But it is probably more useful (practically) as a tool on its own.

The 'Eyedropper' tool can be selected from the main toolbar as shown below, or can be accessed by holding down the keyboard key (the cursor will display as an eyedropper cursor rather than the standard arrow cursor).

When the Eyedropper is active, a user can click on any element, and two things will change in the ArchiCAD environment:

  1. the tool associated with the element will become active
  2. all the parameters associated with the selected element will become the new current settings for that tool..

The classic example of the benefit of the Eyedropper tool is explained below:

  1. A user is working in a project that has been dormant for a period of time (1 day, week, month, even 10 minutes)
  2. A design change is required e.g. a new window is to be placed in a wall similar to an existing window but on a different story
  3. There is no way to copy the window from story-to-story (which rules out this option)
  4. The window may have a lot of different parameters setup so it would be tedious to have to go to the Window tool and set the window object from scratch again (which doesn't rule out this option, but makes it the last resort)

The Eyedropper could now be used and the solution couldn't be easier:

This is a very common situation but even working on the same project in the same session, if a similar object or element needs to be placed that is already in the model, the Eyedropper is perfect for this.
All elements including walls, beams, dimensions, sections etc can all be 'eye-dropped' and then new instances placed.

If you do not use this tool already, it will surprise you how much time/inconvenience the Eyedropper can save...