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ArchiCAD Tip - Pens and Colours Object

The setup of all your ArchiCAD Pensets can be difficult to remember, so it may be useful to have some printout samples of all your pensets.

The ArchiCAD Object "Pens and Colours 14" is a single object which is placed on Floorplan and which can display all the individual pens and colours of a penset.
The object is found in 'Object Library 14 > 1. BASIC LIBRARY 14 > 1.7 2D Elements 14 > Graphic Symbols 14 > Signs 14'.

The most appropriate settings of the object are shown below:

This results in an object displayed below:

When the object is viewed close-up, it displays as below (Ensure that the option "View > Onscreen-view Options > True Lineweight" is turned on to see the different lineweights)

If you use more than one penset (which is quite common), it is possible to save different views of this object and assign a different penset to each view.
The views can then be placed on a layout, and printed for office reference.

A sample ArchiCAD 14 PLN (with the related PDF output) can be found here
In this sample PLN, followed the steps followed are listed below:

  1. Place the single "Pens and Colours 14" object once on Floorplan
  2. Save 3 views of the object – each with a different penset assigned
  3. Place the 3 views on a layout
  4. Rearrange/resize the views
  5. Save the PLN
  6. Save the Layout as a PDF