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ArchiCAD Tip: Mesh-To-Roof Add-on

In certain modeling instances in ArchiCAD, it may be difficult to model a complex roof structure accurately..
One of the free 'Goodies' Add-Ons from Graphisoft helps this issue by allowing you to model a mesh as the complex structure and then translate all the surfaces of the mesh into roof surfaces.

  1. Save the file to your desktop
  2. When fully downloaded, double-click the file to start installation
  3. Choose all the default options to complete the installation
  4. Note the option on the final screen to access the latest Hotfix

The reasoning for this is given on the 'Add-Ons' webpage – the simple explanation is that you must run the latest Hotfix whenever you add a Goodie Add-on to allow the Add-on to be updated to the most current version (i.e. the online add-ons are not the most up-to-date)

Using the Add-On
When installed, the Add-on can be found in 'Design > Design Extras' menu.
With any mesh drawn/modeled in Floor Plan

  1. Change the default Roof Settings, these settings will be applied to the automatically-created elements
  2. Select the Mesh (in Floorplan)
  3. Goto Design > Design Extras > Create Roof From Mesh
  4. Choose the Roof Settings
  5. Click OK

Once converted, the individual roof planes can be deleted or edited further, (e.g. their pitch can be modified).

A sample ArchiCAD PLN file (screenshot below), showing a mesh and its converted Roof Structure is available here