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ArchiCAD Tip - Some interesting & useful objects

If you are not already aware of this webpage, there are some interesting/useful ArchiCAD objects available from the following webpage
The author, Olivier Dentan, has a very good reputation in 'ArchiCAD object creation' circles.

Whilst some of the objects are not going to used in a lot of projects, I will draw your attention to the following specific objects – the animated icons on the webpage will help explain also.

Garde Corps
A fence with multiple panels in different directions, very useful for balconies etc

A collection of 2D People, very useful to add context to elevations

Rampes Courbes
Curved Ramp Objects – good for ramps & handrails

A very flexible object "3D Tubing Rect" allows for very complex, yet v. flexible, shapes (eg. Ducting, paths, fascia strip along a roof)
Note the segments option in the Parameters, and that the object is manipulated by dynamic hotspots (purple diamonds) in the 3D Window)

Fleches Multi
An arrow object, very useful for diagrammatic/flow elements in a model
In French only, but reasonably easy to understand via testing

Also, some points to note about the content from this site:

As per previous tips, it would be wise to unzip these objects and create a new folder (e.g. Olivier Dentan) in your ArchiCAD Common Library – so that these objects become available as soon as you load/reload this folder in your ArchiCAD project.