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ArchiCAD Tip - Transferring Attributes between Projects

In an ArchiCAD project, 'attributes' are the collection of:

Most ArchiCAD users would access Attributes regularly, editing existing attributes and also creating new ones (e.g. new Materials, new Complex Profiles).
The problem (in management terms) with Attributes is that they are project-specific, if I create/edit an attribute it only affects that single project and no others.

In reality though, if a user was to create a new material there is a good chance they might like to use that material in another existing project, or use it in future projects.

So for that reason, it is important to know how to bring an attribute

The dialog required to complete this process is Attribute Manager, found at Options > Element Attributes > Attribute Manager.
To transfer an attribute FROM 'Project A' TO 'Project B' / 'Template'

  1. Open 'Project B' / 'Template' as normal in ArchiCAD
  2. Goto Attribute Manager
  3. On the RHS of the dialog, click on the 'Open' button to choose 'Project A'
  4. Click on one of the Attribute tabs along the top of the dialog
  5. The dialog will then list all those specific attributes in each column of the dialog
  6. Choose the entry (or entries) to transfer in the RIGHT hand column (i.e. from 'Project A')
  7. Click 'Overwrite' or 'Append' in the middle section of the dialog)
    • Overwrite will take the settings of the attribute on the RHS and REPLACE the attribute on the LHS>> use this method when you want to transfer a modified attribute
    • Append will take the settings of the attribute on the RHS and ADD to the list on the RHS >> use this method when you want to transfer a new attribute
  8. You can repeat the steps 4-7 above with different attribute categories
  9. Once all the attributes are transferred, click OK and then click Create to confirm the process.

This technique should be completed regularly to transfer new attributes from all existing projects into your office template – therefore your office template will be constantly evolving.

For more info on the Attribute Manger dialog, see ArchiCAD Help > Configuration > Attributes > Attribute Manager