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ArchiCAD Tip - Parameter Transfer

Parameter Transfer allows properties/parameters of one element to be transferred to another (similar) element, for example changing a wall to match a different existing wall type, or changing an object to match an existing object.

All parameters are transferred between elements, i.e. width, height, layer, thickness, materials etc.

Parameter Transfer is available:

Parameter Transfer Commands
To 'pick up' Parameters, do one of the following::

To 'transfer' Parameters, do one of the following:

Workflow: To Transfer Parameters From One Element To Another

  1. Hold the <ALT> key - The cursor changes from an arrow to the Eyedropper icon. Note: It makes no difference whether the eyedropper icon is full or half-full, as long as it is not empty.
  2. Move over the element to take the parameters from
  3. Once the eyedropper shows as full/half-full, left- click
  4. Hold the <CTRL>+<Alt> keys - The cursor changes to the Inject Parameters (syringe) cursor.
  5. Move over the element to transfer the parameters and click (once the syringe shows as full/half-full)

Parameter Transfer Between Objects
It may be common to want to transfer parameters between objects within a project (more specifically windows and doors).
A window or door may be setup with all the relevant parameters such as cavity closure, reveal, materials etc.
When a different window or door is selected from their respective tool settings dialog, all the parameters will reset to their defaults, thus requiring the window or door to be setup again - this can be time-consuming.

Parameter Transfer gives a method to transfer parameters to a different object of the same type (e.g. between two window objects).

Workflow: To transfer parameters between objects of the same type, do the following:

  1. Go In the object's Settings dialog box, make parameter modifications as needed, then place the object.
  2. Use the Parameter Pickup shortcut (Hold <ALT>+click) to pick up the parameters of the placed object
  3. Open the Settings dialog box.
  4. Use the Parameter Transfer shortcut (Hold <CTRL>+<ALT>)
  5. Move the cursor to the next object to be placed, until the cursor changes to the syringe (this may take a small amount of movement to find the syringe)
  6. Click on the object to transfer the parameters. All transferable parameters of the originally modified object will be transferred to the newly selected object.
  7. Place the object using the changed parameters.