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ArchiCAD Tip - Minimum Space Requirements

In an attempt to improve to output of information about your buildings, it may be useful to add additional information regarding minimum space requirements surrounding certain elements (such as doors and furniture objects).

To setup Doors appropriately, the option can be found in Door Settings > Minimal Space.

By default, the Minimal space fills will not show, as they would not be common information to show on every drawing.

The default 'Model View Option' (MVO) setting filters this information.
It would be wise to then set up (and store) a Model View Option Combination to show/turn on all Minimal Space information, where you can choose the fills/pens to apply to the Minimal Space elements themselves.

Note that for any semi-transparent fills, use the transparent pen as the second pen option (highlighted below).

You can then apply that Model View Option Combination (MVOC) to a view when you wish to place that view onto a Layout

Thus yielding a result

For more info on the Model View Options, see ArchiCAD Help > Virtual Building > Model View Options