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ArchiCAD Tip - Model View Options

Within an ArchiCAD project, it is very common to display the complete contents of a Floorplan in a very different manner at various stages of a project.

Typical elements that change may be:

Some people take the approach of: "I will change the settings of the elements at a later stage, and add more information later"
Possibly it would be wise to approach the model with: "I will add as much information at the start and then filter the settings as I progress".

This second approach will serve you best as you:

This approach is taken care of by 'Model View Options' or MVOs, found in the pulldown menu, Document > Set Model View > Model View Options.

An ArchiCAD user would set up a number of MVOCs and then apply them to the model at any time - to create a variation of drawing representations.
(These MVOCs, when finalized, would typically be included in a template.)

Commonly used MVO settings include:
Override Cut Fills:
The wall/slab must be made of a composite to begin with

Override Cover Fills:
The roof/slab must be have a Cover Fill applied to begin with

Door Window Options:
The Doors/Windows must be have a Marker turned on to begin with
There are a number of variations that can be applied here

Model View Options (and saved MVO Combinations) are applied globally to your current model.

To apply a saved Model View Options Combination to the current model, do one of the following:

To apply an MVOC to a new view as it is being created:

  1. Choose the appropriate Model View Option Combination from the available list in the Save Current View Dialog
  2. The current MVOC will be automatically displayed as the chosen option in the list

To apply a Model View Options Combination to an existing Saved View

  1. Goto the Navigator - View Map
  2. Right-click on the specific view, choose View Settings
  3. Change the Model View Option Setting as per above

Typically the supplied MVOCs from Graphisoft (01 Site, 03 Modelling etc) are not suitable – because they were created by someone else not specific to your needs, so it is up to the users themselves to test and create their own MVOCs to best help their own needs.

I have given a link to a simple ArchiCAD project file and PDF here

In the ArchiCAD PLN file there are

The output of the three views is very different, but what you should remember is that "all three views are based on the SAME model – with no element settings changed, no Layers changed - just the MVOC" !!