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ArchiCAD Tip - Maintaining/Managing Worksheet data (Creating Details)

If you wish to create a 2D Detail in ArchiCAD, it is suggested to use the Worksheet tool (not the Detail tool as this is an older tool - see our previous tip).

  1. Click on the Worksheet tool
  2. Drag a Window around the specific area to 'detail'
  3. Give a new name & ID to the Worksheet and a new Marker will be placed, and a new Worksheet entry will appear in the Navigator

The Worksheet will now contain a set of 2D data (lines, fills etc.) extracted from the previously 3D data (walls, windows, slabs etc.)
Double-click on the Worksheet entry to open the Worksheet and view the extracted 2D info.

If the original source changes, the Worksheet will not automatically update - the user must manully update the Worksheet.

Important part of this Tip:
It is suggested to make a copy of the 2D data inside the Worksheet, and use that copy as active detail data.

If the original source changes, and the Worksheet is updated, the extracted 2D data will be overwritten with a new copy - thus your changes may be lost in the updated extraction.

If you keep a copy to the side of the extracted data, it will not be affected by any update - therefore you can copy/edit any changes from the updated version into your active version of the detail.
This process may seem like dupliaction of data, you may actually delete the original.
Once the Worksheet is rebuilt, all the original 2D information will re-appear - thus allowing a 'compare-and-contrast' of the two sets of data.