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ArchiCAD Tip - Guidleines in ArchiCAD 15

With the arrival of ArchiCAD 15, one of the obvious changes in general use is that of Guidelines.
Guidelines have been enhanced, and now appear in 3D as well as 2D.

The most notable chnge in the 2D workflow is that Guidelines no longer appear automatically when you hover the cursor over a single node or edge - the new workflows are outlined below.
Once seen and practised, the new workflow is very simple and was introduced to control guideline appearance only at the user's request.

To bring up a new Guideline on a EDGE

To bring up a new Guideline on a NODE/POINT

All four procedures above can be implemented whilst in the middle of placing any elements (e.g. slabs, walls etc.)

More information on Guidelines (such as placing in 3D, moving and offsetting) can be found at the following links in the Graphisoft YouTube channel:
ArchiCAD 15 - 3D interactions - New guideline creation
ArchiCAD 15 - 3D interactions - Further guideline options
ArchiCAD 15 - 3D interactions - Move, offset or delete guidelines

Also and the ArchiCAD-Talk threads below also discuss user's queries on the new functions:
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