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ArchiCAD Tip: Roofs in ArchiCAD 15

In ArchiCAD 15, a number of workflows and terminology has been changed in relation to Roofs and interactions with other elements.

It is important for an ArchiCAD user to keep up-to-speed with these new developments, as it can have a dramatic impact on office workflows.
The online video content on the Graphisoft website as an invaluable resource in explaining these new tools/features and workflows, and some links will be referenced below.

The Roof tool now has two types of roofs:

'Shells' are a new element type found in ArchiCAD 15 and can be used to create many different types of geometry.
Shell can be used to create curved elements and can be useful in creating barrel type roofs in ArchiCAD, replacing the previous barrel roof command.

Single-plane roofs work as normal in previous versions.
Multiplane roofs have a lot of new functionality included and it is important to see these new methods & workflows via Graphisoft online content, specifically starting here.
Shells have numerous different options available and these are explained via a lot of videos starting here.