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ArchiCAD Tip: Roof Trimming in ArchiCAD 15

In ArchiCAD 15, a number of workflows and terminology has been changed in relation to editing elements with Roofs and Shells.

The term 'Trim-To-Roof' found in ArchiCAD 14 (and previous) has been renamed 'Crop-to-Single Plane Roof' and is only available with single plane roofs , and can be found in the Design pulldown menu (and is not to be confused with "Trim elements" found n the default Main toolbar).
This is a fundamental change in terminology so users should be aware of the differences between CROP and TRIM are, in relation to roofs.

A new workflow of "Trimming Roofs" is now introduced and is based around the Solid Element Operations, i.e. it is a linked operation so if the walls/roofs move, or are editted, the Trim operation is updated.
This new workflow is found under Design > Connect > Trimming, but is associated with Roofs and Shells only - more information can be seen in the online video clips, specifically starting here.

Also in these videos, you will see references to 'Trimming Bodies' which show in the ArchiCAD 3D window as a transparent red volume - something which has confused a number of users when starting in ArchiCAD 15.

These Trimming bodies are important to visualise but this visual effect may be turned off if the user wishes to cut down on potentially confusing elements being shown in the 3D window, via the toggle View > Onscreen View Options > Trimming Bodies (last entry).

Solid Element Operations exist in their normal workflow, (with some additional improvements) and can still be used with roofs and all other 3D elements. Managing SEOs has become much easier as seen through this video clip.