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ArchiCAD Tip: Renovation Filters & Door/Window Markers

In ArchiCAD 15, the new "Renovation" workflow was introduced, and is one of the most beneficial new features.
More info can be found in Graphisoft's online videos here.

One setting, found within the Renovation filters, can have an overriding effect on existing Door/Windows markers that users may not be aware of.
Door & Window markers are normally controlled by (i) the Door & Window object settings themselves and (ii) Model View Options, (see our previous tip on 'Model View Options' here).

In ArchiCAD 15, in the Renovation Filter Options dialog (found via Document > Set Renovation Filter) you can see two options relating to 'Opening Markers' (i.e. Door & Window Markers) that may need to checked/unchecked depending on the Renovation Filter you wish to apply to a specific floor plan view.