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ArchiCAD Tip: Autosave in ArchiCAD 15

The Autosave function in ArchiCAD controls a number of options protecting the user from losing data.
AutoSave is NOT the same as Save, or File > Save, or an 'explicit save' ...there is a big difference

Autosave creates a backup of the current project in a separate folder location (defined in Work Environments - but not a critical issue at this point)
When Autosave is triggered, a Bulldozer cursor may appear momentarily on the screen while the program saves any changes made to the Project since either (i) the last Autosave, or (ii) the last 'manual' Save.

• If a user clicks File > Save, (an 'explicit Save') then the Autosave files are cleared and the actual PLN file will be saved to that point.
ArchiCAD cannot return to a previous version - unless that file had been saved previously with a different name (e.g. R1, R2, R3 etc.)
• If a user closes a file, but chooses the "Don't Save" option, all data will be lost back to the previous explicit Save - irrespective of any Autosave data.

This would suggest the user becomes familiar with (CTRL)+S or (APPLE)+S, which are the keystroke shortcuts for an explicit Save in Windows & OSX.

In ArchiCAD 15, some functionality from ArchiCAD Teamwork was integrated into Autosave to make the process more efficient..
Specifically the 'Deltas' concept - so only the explicit changes of the model are added to the Autosave file, such that even with large Projects, Autosave should complete its cycle within seconds.

Autosave Timing Options:
Ultra Safe: The default AND recommended option - Data is autosaved after each step.
Safe: Autosaves data every 5 minutes.
Minimum: Autosaves data every 20 minutes.

There are three limitations to Autosave functions, the following items must be saved manually:
Opened Library Parts
Completed Photorendering Images
All types of Calculation Lists

If ArchiCAD is interrupted (either by an OS crash or an ArchiCAD crash) then the next time ArchiCAD is launched, a dialog box gives will display the option of resuming the interrupted work - even if the original file was never explicitly saved initially (see reference to 'Untitled' below)

• At this point, if the user chooses to Delete the project, then that Autosave file is deleted, and there is no way of recovering this.
There is no obvious reason why a user would choose to disregard the option of recalling an autosaved file.