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ArchiCAD Tip: Work Environments in ArchiCAD

When users become proficient in ArchiCAD and become more-and-more familiar with workflows and commands, it is common for those users to take advantage of customisation of the appearance of ArchiCAD, specifically pulldown-menus, toolbars and keyboard shortcuts.
Users of AutoCAD may be familiar with a similar concept of Custom User Interface (CUI).

This customisation is carried out in ArchiCAD via Work Environment Profiles, found in Options > Work Environment > Work Environment.

When ArchiCAD 11 was released, we created some videos outlining the operation/use of Work Environment Profiles.
Whilst the layout and functionaility of ArchiCAD has improved, the setup of Work Environment Profiles remains the same.

The two videos below describe:

  1. the basic workings of Work Environments - Click here to play
  2. a practical example of some commonly used tools that may be included in a new Work Environment Profile - Click here to play