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ArchiCAD Tip: Some 'drawing aids' are not working!! What do I do?

There are a number of simple issues that affect how you draw in ArchiCAD - some of which are encountered by accidentally clicking on toolbar icons, or typing shortcut keys by accident.

What to if my drawing aids arent working as normal?
Below are a list of commonly-encountered issues and the cause of the problem

I cannot input numeric values when drawing (such as length of walls or slab edges)
>> The Tracker tool is turned off > Click on it to re-activate

I cannot create any guidelines from any elements
>> The Guidelines tool is turned off > Click on it to re-activate

I cannot pickup the midpoints of any edges of any elements
>> The Special Snap Points tool is turned off > Click on it to re-activate

I cannot select elements as I used to, I have to pick the edge or corner. I used to be able to click anywhere inside the element
>> The Magnet option is turned off in the Arrow Tool Infobox > Click on it to re-activate
Some users prefer the Magnet option turned off, but that is done as a conscious decision by the user (based on experience).

I cannot select any views in the Layout Book
>> Snap is turned on > Click on it to de-activate
By default Snap is 2000mm * 2000mm which is larger than all standard drawing sheet or layout.
If Snap is turned on in Layout Book, it gives the illusion of 'not being able to select anything'

I cannot enter regular corrdinates, the Tracker refers to the origin point - not the last point I clicked
>> The tracker's Relative Coordinates option is turned off > Click on it to re-activate