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ArchiCAD Tip: Creating customised Master Layouts

In any ArchiCAD project, a set of properly-arranged Master Layouts is critical for appropriate documentation.

Master Layouts are essentially 'background sheets' that 'sit behind' the regular Layouts in the Layout Book area of an ArchiCAD project.

The Master Layout defines the size of the Layouts and holds the 2D information (such as line geometry, images, and text items) that forms the Titleblock.

A single Master Layout can be assigned to many Layouts and because of the in-built intelligence of Master Layouts, the Titleblocks on each Layout will update appropriately - It is NOT required to have a single Master Layout for each single Layout.

A Layout Book typically includes many Master Layouts.
- The default Graphisoft ArchiCAD template includes several pre-defined Master Layouts
- Our own DCS Template for ArchiCAD 15, found here, has 8 different Master Layouts (A4-A1 with Portrait & Landscape)

An ArchiCAD user can choose one of the predefined Master Layouts, or customise their own (using information from any supplied template)

It is a necessary skill to be able to edit Master Layouts, otherwise a user will not be able to insert their own contact details or logos or arrange the Titleblock elements to their own needs.

How to create a set of Master Layouts with your own Title Block information:
- Choose the Layout Book panel in the Navigator
- Open/Expand the Masters folder
- Create a new Master Layout, giving an appropriate name and paper size (shown in orange)
- Open an existing Master Layout (shown in red)
- Change any relevant Master Layout settings including margins and orientation

- Open the Master Layout (on-screen) by double-clicking on it - Using the Line / Polyline tool(s), draw the page border and the title block outline (ensuring appropriate pens and layers are used)

Once one Master Layout is 100% completed and arranged to your specific needs, it is then suggested to use the content on this Master Layout to develop other (more) Master Layouts.
Setup each Master as normal (i.e. name, size and borders) but to save time and ensure consistency, copy and repostion any/all title-block info from the original Master to another.
(It may/will be required to repostion/drag the 2D info to suit the new Master sheet size.)

When a complete set of Master Layouts is developed, it will be necessary to choose a "default" Master Layout.
The default Master Layout is shown as 'earmarked'.
This default Master Layout will be assigned by default when creating any newl (normal) Layouts.