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ArchiCAD Tip: Removing Comma from Dimensions

A common issue that ArchiCAD users will encounter is the visibility of a comma in a linear dimension, for example 1200mm displaying as 1,200.
Whilst there isnt a setting in ArchiCAD to counteract this, (though it is in the Wishlist) there is a setting in the Windows 7 Operating System to allow this.

Via Start > Control Panel, choose 'Region and Language'

In the following dialog, choose 'Additional Settings'

In the following dialog, change the 'Digit Grouping' option to '123456789' i.e. with any decimal separator

Upon restarting ArchiCAD, all references of commas will be removed from all projects.
NOTE: This will lead to all views in a project requiring updates, so please take this into consideration when re-printing/re-publishing layouts - there will be a update cycle due across all layouts.