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ArchiCAD Tip: Updating your office ArchiCAD Template for ArchiCAD 16

When moving forward to ArchiCAD 16, you and/or your colleagues will need to take care of one important workflow - Updating your office ArchiCAD Template for NEW projects in ArchiCAD 16.

(Note: Existing, or current, projects would be handled differently when migrating into ArchiCAD 16 - so please do not confuse the two workflows.)

There will probably be very little work required, only library switching - but this step is quite important, as it ensures when you start new projects in ArchiCAD 16 you will accessing the most up-to-date library objects.

It may also be a good time to change one or two settings, other than libraries.

Our suggested workflow is as follows:
• Close all projects
• Close all ArchiCAD applications
• Open ArchiCAD 16
• Open your current AC15 office template file (via File > Open > Open, in ArchiCAD 16)
(NOTE: This may be in some location on an office server)
Also, this is not a PLN file, it should be a .TPL file so ensure to change the file format to reflect this)

• Once opened, save a new version of this file to reflect the name version
For example, my office template 'DCS AC15 R4.tpl' became 'DCS AC16 R1.tpl'

• Open Library Manager (via File > Libraries & Objects)
There should be references to one or two folders here, ArchiCAD Library 15 and possibly an ArchiCAD Common Library, or similar

• At this point, remove the entry for ArchiCAD Library 15 and add an entry for ArchiCAD Library 16

This 'ArchiCAD Library 16' folder can be found inside either Program Files > Graphisoft > ArchiCAD 16 or Applications > Graphisoft > ArchiCAD 16.
NOTE: As this is the template file for NEW projects, it is not suggested to consolidate libraries as this will leave an entry for ArchiCAD 15 libraries which we do not need for NEW projects, if starting them in ArchiCAD 16.

• Click OK to complete the library switch.
The other Common Library entry can be left alone as those objects are not version specific.

One other setting that you might consider changing (if not already changed), is found under the Roof Tool Settings > Model
Change the Trimming Body option to "Contours down" by default (rather than 'Pivot Lines down'), as was the default in ArchiCAD 15.

Once all of this has been taken care, click File > Save to save the template file, then close the template file

Then to test these new changes, click File > New > New and browse for this new template

Because the template file will be a new name, it will not automatically list in the template pulldown, so you will need to choose 'Browse Template'. Once chosen, it will remain in the template pulldown.

(NOTE: As regularly directed, it is never recommended to use the supplied 'ArchiCAD 16 Template' for office work)

Last Updated: 28 August 2012