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ArchiCAD Tip: Marker References

When developing a project, view organisation is very important (using View Names, pensets, scales, layers etc)
View coordination is also important, and one component of this strategy is the ability to link information from the placed result of a Section / Elevation back to the 'bubble' references in Floor Plan.

Most projects will start off with simple Section or Elevation numbering in Plan; S-01, S-02 etc. and E-01, E-02 etc. because the document set isn't too complex.
When the Section and Elevation count begin to rise, it is an important concept to relate the View Number and Layout Number into the two areas on the appropriate bubble marker.

To start this process, we must have a model with appropriate geometry.
(The data in this sample project is minimal, purely to facilitate the steps required)
• The Section and/or Elevation markers must be placed in Floor Plan.

• A view must be defined, and listed in the View Map, for each marker, e.g. 2x Sections and 4x Elevations >> 6 Views in View Map

For each marker:
• The resulting view must be placed on a Layout
• The setting of the marker must be changed

• The 'General' panel, where the Viewpoint option can be from two options, either by selecting a specific drawing on a Layout, or by automatically linking to the first placed view of that drawing

• The 'Marker Head' panel, where an appropriate Marker is chosen, and then both options of DrawingID and LayoutID selected.

• The 'Marker' panel which has an optional setting to control text orientation, in the event that text alignment is confusing on the Floor Plan - there are four options available, the No Flip option was chosen here to align the text with the direction of the marker.

The actual Floor Plan should look as shown below, with both markers listing the Drawing ID and the specific Layout ID.

If the resulting Marker View is moved to a different Layout, the Markers will automatically update!!!
The sample ArchiCAD 16 PLN file for this tip can be downloaded from here.

Last Updated: 22 January 2013