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Artlantis F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following questions are frequently asked by our Artlantis Userbase.

How do I export my ArchiCAD model to Artlantis?

  1. Display the perspective 3D view in ArchiCAD
  2. Select the File > Save as... command
  3. In the file format list, choose the « Artlantis Render Studio 3 » option.
  4. Click on the Save button, and the Export dialog box will be displayed:
  5. The export dialog allows you to:
    • Create a new .atl file.
    • Update an .atl file already sent into Artlantis.

If you are creating a new file, then ensure to check the items to export:

*Note: If the Lights or Sun controls are disabled on the export dialog, open the ArchiCAD PhotoRendering Settings dialog box (Document > Creative Imaging), activate the Internal Rendering Engine and switch ON the appropriate light source.

See also our Artlantis tip on Using 'Reference Files' to update Artlantis scene files.

What is the difference between Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio? Artlantis is available in two different versions, Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio. Both versions offer the following functionality as standard:

Artlantis Studio offers the following additional functionality:

How can I activate-deactivate my ArtLantis license on different computers? License Activation:

  • Install Artlantis on your computer and open the application. Choose "Activate License" to launch the process (this palette will help you to activate Artlantis even after the evaluation period expires). When launching, Artlantis will check automatically for an Internet connection. • Locate the serial number* (composed of two numbers separated by a dash) that is shown on your registration card or was e-mailed to you. • Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Artlantis will have to connect to the activation server. • Enter the serial number. • Click on the Activate License button. A message will display confirming activation. Exit out of the message to display the open file dialogue. NB: *the serial number can be used regardless of whether you are using Mac or Windows.
    • Ambient and Artifical Lighting
    • Materials and Shaders
    • Objects, Catalogs and Postcards
    • Parallel and Perspective Cameras
    • Radiosity Calculations
    • Image Rendering
    • Post-Processing Effects