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(Sample rendered image from Artlantis 4 scene)

Artlantis is recognized as the fastest, most powerful solution for photo-realistic 3D rendering and animation. Now, Artlantis 3 is strengthening its lead with an even more accurate radiosity engine, new management of geometry by layers, better management and enrichment of media, and simplified control of optimized lighting.

In December 2011, Abvent released Artlantis 4 and this new release contains some very useful improvements.

iVisit 3D Panoramas (Artlantis Studio only)
- iVisit creates a rendered 'virtual tour' or 'panorama' of a scene with multiple points-of-view available.
- This functionality is a new offering replacing Quicktime VRs (which Apple has retired as part of its technology set).
- The viewer is based on Flashâ„¢ technology, and is available for most popular web browsers.
- A special tool also allows users to view and share these 'panoramas' on an iPad or iPhone.

Quality Improvements
- The new radiosity engine improves image quality.
- Tone correction has added as a new post-process tool
- A new Fresnel shader has been added to the library, which is particularly suitable for metallic finishes.

Performance improvements
- In Artlantis 4, the average rendering time is 2x faster, and up to 7x faster with Neon shaders.
- Artlantis is now optimized for 64-bit Macintosh and Windows environments.

Productivity Improvements
- A new Horizontal material projection method simplifies working with complex roof surfaces
- Batch rendering work can now be reorganized and filtered before the renderings are generated.
- In the 2D view, duplicated objects can be automatically positioned on the underlying ground surface using gravity.

New Artlantis Media CDs
- Along with the release of Artlantis 4, five new Media volumes (3D Transport 2010, 3D Cars 2010 (Europe), 3D Cars 2010 (Asia), 3D Cars 2009, and 3D Cars 2008) have also been released exclusively for Artlantis 4.

More information and video content of all the new features in Artlantis 4 can be found here.

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